Leap Cross Opening

Leap Cross Opening

Nus Ghani, the MP for Wealden, has formally opened Wealden District Council’s latest affordable housing development, Leap Close in Hailsham.

At the opening ceremony, Cllr Pam Doodes, Vice Chairman of Wealden District Council said: “This project has been a great success largely due to the team who have worked on it, and this bears testament to Wealden District Council’s commitment to partnership working. I would like to thank architects Churchill Hui, for designing such a striking scheme, Baily Garner, who provided Employers Agent services for this project, and Trinity Homes, a local company, who built the homes.”

“It is great to be here to celebrate our commitment to delivering high quality Council Housing for rent to those in need in our District, and to reaffirm our commitment to investing in our communities,” added Cllr Graham Wells, Portfolio Holder for Housing. “Wealden District Council has a fine record of delivering high quality Affordable homes both through our work with Registered Providers, and through developing sites in our own right.

We are proud to be delivering such good quality housing, challenging many of the misconceptions around Council Housing, and most importantly striving to counter housing need within the District.”

All the homes on this development have been allocated to local families. Two of the families kindly accompanied Mrs Ghani and other guests around their new homes so they could see the high quality and innovative designs of the properties first-hand.

The completed scheme delivers twelve affordable homes made up of 3x one bedroom flats, 3x two bedroom flats, 4x two bedroom houses and 2x three bedroom houses. Reflecting the previous use of the land as an industrial site the new homes boast a fresh contemporary approach to traditional design, and feature zinc standing seam roofs echoing the site’s industrial past.

Hailsham is the area of Wealden with the highest level of Housing Need, with nearly a third of those on the Housing Register waiting for accommodation in the town. Leap Close represents the start of Wealden District Council’s second phase of new build projects which will deliver over a hundred new homes, including a further seventeen in Hailsham, before the end of 2018.

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